With galleria app, you can do shopping from world top online stores, such as, Amazon, eBay, Jumia, AliExpress, Konga, Zara, Walmart, and many more.
You can equally order for services, freelancing, jobs search, rent or buy properties, get loans, make payments, book flights, reserve hotels, call rides, rent cars, book trains, voyages, and many more.
Enjoy ultimate shopping experience!

Galleria is an all-in-one shopping portal aimed to integrate world top online stores into 1 app for convenience and ultimate shopping experience.

With Galleria, users can buy from variety of stores including world top rated without having to install the various stores mobile apps.

This in turn, saves a lot of user resources such as device storage, RAM and minimizes consumption of Data Bundles by eliminating background process that would have run if the user had installed many shopping apps.

The portal is aimed to integrate over 1000 stores from around the world to provide online shopping global village. So far more than 100 stores have been integrated covering America, Asia and Africa and the list goes on as more stores are being added everyday inline with the target to achieve a thousand stores integration from across the globe.

It also gives users freedom to suggest their stores of choice to get integrated if they are yet to be added to the platform. This can simply be done by sending their suggestions via our contact page